war thunder update 1.73

War Thunder Update 1.73 Adds French Aircrafts

Gaijin Entertainment announced today that their MMO combat game War Thunder will be getting its 1.73 update soon, and with it will come the addition of France, the seventh nation to be put into the game.

With the update, the game will add more than 30 French aircrafts, including planes ranging from the 1930’s to the modern, multi-purpose jet fighters of the present era.

“Some of the French planes included in Update 1.73 never entered mass production because of the demands of World War II, so information on them was difficult to source. We spent more than a year in development, searching for various references and painstakingly recreating these rare planes to make War Thunder’s French aviation. We are sure that the pilots of War Thunder will look forward to finally testing these machines in battle,” says Kirill Yudintsev, Creative Director of Gaijin Entertainment.

For more on the update, make sure to check out below or head over to the developers blog, courtesy of Gaijin Entertainment:

Fighter pilots will join the ranks of the French Air Force tree in the Dewoitine D.371, which was one of France’s first developments away from the old-fashioned biplanes to the faster but still maneuverable monoplanes. While the D.371 did not participate in the battles of World War II, it earned recognition during the Spanish Civil War, where it fought on the Republican side against the Nationalist forces, amongst them, future Luftwaffe aces. Three variations of this fighter with different machine gun armaments will be available immediately after release, as well as the premium D.371 H.S.9 with two 20mm cannons.

War Thunder is available now.