War Thunder update 1.73

War Thunder Update 1.73 Adds French Aircraft, New Vehicles

The next War Thunder update will bring with it some French aircraft, and a bunch of changes. The new airplanes include the S.O.8000 Narval France, Caudron C.R.714 France, F.222.2 France, and VG.33C-1 France. Other nations are getting new vehicles as well, as Germany is getting the Begleitpanzer 57, the USSR receives the BMP-1P, Japan gets the Type-5 Ho-Ri Production, and Italy gets two vehicles (M26 Pershing 132ª Divisione corazzata “Ariete,” and P40 Gruppo Corazzato “Leoncello).

On top of these new additions, there are roughly 1,000,000 different tweaks found within the patch notes for War Thunder update 1.73. Due to that players can check the official site for all the fine print, but you can check out the key changes below:

Location and mission updates

  • Changes in the respawn protection mechanics. Kill areas have been decreased, new logic for enemy detection on the mini map near the respawn zones has been added.
  • Respawn protection mechanics have been added for the following locations: Abandoned Factory, Mozdok, Karelia, Normandy, White Rock fortress, Ash River, Alpine Meadows, Berlin, Port Novorossiysk, Ardennes, Stalingrad, Volokolamsk.
  • Some improvements have been made and bugs have been fixed for the following locations: Novorossiysk, Belgium, Ash River, Japan, Honolulu, Dover Strait, Ardennes, 38th Parallel.
  • Changes in the ground vehicle location Eastern Europe and the aircraft location Sicily have been made.

Aircraft missions

  • Number of ground targets for low amount of players in a game session (from 11 to 21) has been increased.

Operations for lower ranks:

  • In missions where runway length was less than 1200m (mainly 900m), original airfields have been replaced by new ones with a runway of 1200m. Now it is easier to land and take off.
  • The accuracy of air defense covering ground targets has been reduced.
  • “[Operation] Counter-offensive”, “[Operation] Bastogne”, “[Operation] Henan Province” and “[Operation] Fortification on Sicily” have been rebalanced so that ground units are closer to the friendly team spawns. (Previously allies had an advantage in these missions). Targets for bombing are now equally reachable by both teams. [Operation] Honolulu now has bombing zones and it is possible to destroy the enemy airfield.
  • “[Operation] Yoo Passage” bombing zones have been relocated and air spawns for bombers are now equally distant from the mission centre.
  • “[Operation] Port Moresby. Distance between spawns are now similar to that of other low-rank Operations. The Allied airfield has been moved. Spawns have been adjusted so that the Allies do not have superior advantage.

War Thunder is available now.