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PlayStation Reward Scheme Now Allows Players to Earn Points for Unlocking Trophies (US Only)

An update to Sony Rewards (via GameFAQs) has introduced a new method of earning PSN credit: unlocking trophies. The reward scheme, which is available in the US only, lets players earn points for racking up Silver, Gold, and Platinum trophies but the caveat is that your existing trophies don’t count. Once you link your account, any trophies you unlock going forward will net you the following:

  • Silver Trophy: Get 100 Silver Trophies while you game and earn 100 points.
  • Gold Trophy: Get 25 Gold Trophies while you game and earn 250 points.
  • Platinum Trophy: Get 10 Platinum Trophies while you game and earn 1,000 points.

If trophy hunting isn’t your thing, the Rewards Passes also let you earn credit for the following:

  • Trial Blazer: Sign up for 4 free PlayStation Network service trials and get a 15% off discount code for PlayStation Store.
  • Entertainment Trifecta: Subscribe to 3 PlayStation Network services and earn 500 points.
  • Triple Feature: Rent 3 movies from PlayStation™Store and earn 250 points.
  • Digital Trilogy: Purchase 3 eligible Sony Pictures movies from PlayStation™Store and earn 500 points.
  • Movie Buff: Register 5 eligible discs and get a free Sony movie code.

Don’t forget to link your account through the Sony Rewards website to get started, and go through the terms & conditions.

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[Source: Sony Rewards via GameFAQs]