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Fighting Game Developer SNK is Profitable Again

If you’re a fan of SNK or series like The King of Fighters, there’s some good news for you today! SNK has released their financial statements, and the company is profitable this year! Last fiscal year didn’t look too bright for fighting game developers, so it seems SNK was able to turn things around.

This news comes to us from Game Informer, who says the figures were published in Gazette Magazine. SNK reports a 3.1 billion yen profit for fiscal year 2017, which is a big turn-around from fiscal year 2016’s 558 million yen loss. SNK rebranded last year in an effort to focus on video games first and foremost, and that effort seems to be paying off for them.

Speaking of SNK, The King of Fighters XIV producer Yasuyuki Oda spoke about the company’s future earlier this year. Here’s more about what the company is planning:

…Yasuyuki Oda revealed that SNK has “many new fighting games” in development. Although he was unable to reveal any details, he asked fans to stay tuned for updates.

In the same interview, Oda also answered a series of questions about The King of Fighters, stating that the developer isn’t sure whether the latest entry, XIV, will have any more DLC or patches. “When we released new characters back in April, the fans’ reception was very good, so if we were to make extra content, rather than new costumes, we’d like them to be new characters because that’s what fans like the most,” he added.

What are you hoping to see next from SNK?

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