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Strictly Limited Games Announces Two New Releases, Including One Never Before Seen Game

Today, Strictly Limited Games announced some changes to their physical game format, and that they will be planning on publishing one physical game per month. The exact print number of every release will be disclosed when the game is revealed, and no reprints will be made after. The company also added the cult video game Umihara Kawase to their release schedule, along with a game by Ryuichi Nishizawa that has never been released before.

Umihara Kawase, a platforming franchise that dates back to Super Famicon, will see its PlayStation Vita version re-released in a completely new version, according to Strictly Limited Games. The new release will be titled Sayonara UmiharaKawase ++ and will be published in both digital and physical forms.

The other title, a currently unannounced game, is designed by Ryuichi Nishizawa, the creator of the Wonder Boy series. According to the company, this game has never been published before. According to Strictly Limited Games, the game has been classified by video game enthusiasts as “lost forever,” and more details about the title will be released in the coming weeks.

For more on what Strictly Limited Games does, check out below:

Strictly Limited Games is a German publisher specialized in the production of limited physical editions of digital download-only Indie- and AA-Games. The company was founded by Dennis Mendel, a former scholar of game studies at Fraunhofer (focusing on game preservation, gaming literacy and media effects) and past employee of Square Enix as well as Benedict Braitsch, a student of media science. They both are devoted collectors of video games with a joint collection of roughly 7000 digital and physical games for all current and past gaming platforms.

Expect more information on both games as they become available.