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Major Changes Coming to Overwatch Competitive Mode With Season 8

Blizzard has announced that Overwatch‘s competitive mode is in for some major changes in terms of Skill Rating variance between teams and Personal Performance Skill Rating adjustments.

With the commencement of Season 8, the developer will limit the Skill Rating difference between the highest-rated player and the lowest-rated player on a team. Principle Designer, Scott Mercer, explained:

This will especially help players at both the lower and higher limits of SR, where there are typically fewer players available. If a player has an SR of 4500, there are not that many other players who have a similarly high SR. The matchmaker has previously assigned players who are of a much lower SR to the same team as 4500 SR player, and hasn’t always created the best match experience possible.

Blizzard will also be removing Personal Performance Skill Rating adjustments for Diamond tier players and above. The explanation provided for this is quite lengthy so we suggest heading over to Battle.net but the gist of it is that the developer wants players in high-level competitions to focus on winning rather than personal performance. “So after we get back from the holidays on January 2nd, we’re going to turn off the personal performance SR adjustments for players in the Diamond skill tier and above,” wrote Mercer.

What do our readers think of these changes?

[Source: Battle.net]