Tekken 7 Sales Have Reached 3 Million

Back in October, Tekken 7 Director Katsuhiro Harada announced on Twitter that the fighting game had sold over two million copies between June and September. That figure has now surpassed three million.

Harada provided this update in a recent end-of-the-year interview with Japanese site 4Gamer (translated by Avoiding The Puddle), in which he also mentioned that Tekken 7 has seen the most post-launch support in the series, and that the development team plans to continue updating it for the foreseeable future.

In the same interview, Harada encouraged fans to contact him on Twitter should they have any requests for the game. He said that he communicates with fans from all over the world in both English and Japanese, and doesn’t want anyone to hesitate.

Tekken 7 has indeed seen a lot of post-launch support and updates. Although we crowned Injustice 2 as the best fighting title of 2017, Tekken 7 earned a nomination and for good reason. The game welcomes newcomers and veterans alike, making it more accessible than past installments – something Harada previously said he made “special effort” to ensure.

“If it were complex, it probably wouldn’t have sold 44 million copies and be the best-selling fighting game it is today,” the director said back in June this year.

[Source: 4Gamer]