The Dynasty Warriors 9 ESRB Rating Has Been Revealed, Features “Mild Language” and “Violence”

The ESRB rating for Dynasty Warriors 9 has gone up on the rating board’s website, and it isn’t too shocking to see the game receiving a T rating. While it’s normal for some ratings to reveal new information about the game, this doesn’t seem to be the case with Dynasty Warriors 9, as the full rating gives a brief description of the game and just reveals some new information regarding the dialogue. Other than that, we know most of the information regarding gameplay.

You can check out the full ESRB rating summary for Dynasty Warriors 9 below:

This is a tactical action game in which players assume the role of warriors battling for control of ancient China. Players engage in hack-and-slash combat with hordes of enemy soldiers using swords, spears, crossbows, hammers, and bladed weapons. Battles are highlighted by sword-slashing effects, impact sounds, and cries of pain; enemies collapse to the ground when killed. In a handful of cutscenes, characters are depicted impaled by arrows and spears. The game contains references to alcohol in the dialogue (e.g., “I hope you can hold your alcohol, because I want to have a few drinks tonight”; “He loves wine, too, and drinks a lot of it”; “I like to share some wine with my friends.”). The word “bastard” appears in the game.

For more information on the upcoming hack-and-slash, check out our preview for Dynasty Warriors 9:

So after I beat Yan Liang and captured Baima Fort for my allies, I would then get directed to Wen Chou’s Yanjin Fort which I also took care of in a similar fashion. And then I entered Yuan Shao’s main camp in Guandu from behind by going through forests and hills, and I encountered the boss Yuan Shao himself just as the demo timer ran out.

I can’t wait to be able to explore more of the open world 3rd-century China and the limitless playthrough possibilities when Dynasty Warriors 9 is released later in early 2018 worldwide, for PlayStation 4 exclusively in Japan, and also for Xbox One and Steam in the West.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is currently slated to release on February 8, 2018.