TT Isle of Man Trailer Shows the Rush of Racing

Bigben and Kylotonn just put out a new trailer for TT Isle of Man. The motorcycle racing game is set to release in March 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. As the name suggests, it has players taking on the iconic Isle of Man Tourist Trophy race, and the latest video talks about the rush of taking on such a demanding race.

Here’s how the developers describe the new video:

The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is without a doubt the most demanding motorcycle race on the planet. Its roads, which have been closed off especially for the occasion, are sinuous, narrow, undulating, and even pass right through villages. The riders are hurtling along at nearly 190 mph, leaving the ground when they hit bumps, and scraping the walls along more than 250 turns! It’s the ultimate challenge! So that players can live this experience as close as possible to the action and feel the same sensations, TT Isle of Man provides maximum immersion, as demonstrated perfectly in this video called “The Rush”. You just have to watch to get a feeling for the sensation of speed the game provides. Vibrate with the rhythm of the road, tremble with every turn: adrenaline rush guaranteed! To achieve such a degree of immersion and maximal sensations, the game uses the latest technologies, with a full-scale reproduction of the track and meticulous attention to the slightest detail, such as the sound of rushing air caused by the speed.

Give the latest TT Isle of Man trailer a watch below:

In case you missed it, publisher Bigben recently put out a poem for the racing game. Yes, a poem. It’s weird enough that you should probably read it:


She waits.

The Siren of the Irish Sea.

For the brave. For the fearless. For the bold. Seeking out their destiny.

In the heart of every rider. Her rhythm beats like a drum. The pulse of everything you trained for, of everything you have sacrificed and become.

In the heart of every fan. She draws you in, pounding at your soul, injecting life through your veins. A desire born to your blood. You have one focus, one passion, one goal.

And you are finally with her; the wait comes to an end. A legacy before you. And the air is electric, and the silence echoes with anticipation. You are not alone here. A band of brothers, of sisters, of warriors and friends.

Because this is living and this is life, she is everything you expected. And the call of the road is upon you. Desire in your spirit. Thunder and lightning between your bones and your soul.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

This is your moment.

This … is the Isle of Man TT.

TT Isle of Men: Ride on the Edge releases March 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.