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Survival Game Symmetry Launching Next Month

Sleepless Clinic has announced that their survival management game Symmetry will be launching for PlayStation 4 next month on February 20. The game, which is set in a retro-futuristic, sci-fi universe and is all about helping crash survivors withstand a desolate, cold environment, will cost $17.99.

The premise of Symmetry is pretty simple: you and a group of survivors have crashed on a planet and must withstand the extremely cold environment you’re currently stranded on. The goal of the game is to do enough to repair your spacecraft and escape while also managing how everyone eats, how much they rest, and what their mental health is, among other things. While escaping may be the main goal, making sure everyone is healthy and sane enough to do so is also a huge priority.

For more information on the upcoming game, make sure to check out some features from the upcoming game below:

SYMMETRY Game Features

  • Race against time while gathering all parts required to repair the spaceship.
  • Survival-management in extremely hostile conditions.
  • Avoid extreme weather conditions and life-threatening supernatural activities.
  • Different needs to satisfy: nutrition, physical condition, and mental health
  • Additional ‘Survival’ endless gameplay mode unlocked once the main mission is accomplished.
  • Randomly assigned crew members possess different skills and stories in each gameplay.
  • Implement various strategies to beat the game.
  • Develop new skills like botanics or power plant operations.
  • Sci-fi setting with a non-obvious storyline.
  • Moral choices: collectivism vs individualism.
  • Unique vector graphics and ambient sound setting.
  •  Ominous presence of the Symmetrical World.

Symmetry is set to launch on February 20, 2018.