Walden PS4 Trailer

Test Your Survival Skills When Walden, a game Heads to PlayStation 4 Next Month

Walden Team has just announced that their open world simulation, curiously titled Walden, a game, is coming to PlayStation 4 sometime this May.

Walden, a game PS4 Teaser Trailer:

The game follows American philosopher Henry David Thoreau as he attempts a self-reliant lifestyle at Walden Pond. Starting in the summer of 1845, Henry moves to this isolated location where he subsequently builds a cabin and starts an intriguing life as a survivalist.

Using a first-person perspective, players must guide Henry in his quest for food, fuel, and other natural resources deep in the woods. You’ll soon find yourself chopping wood, fishing, planting seeds, and performing other recreational activities to assist in your continued survival.

Seasons also change throughout the year, each bringing their own challenges and rewards along the way. For example, the winter months would require some extra legwork in an effort to stay warm living under harsh weather conditions.

Walden, a game isn’t your traditional adventure by any means, as you won’t fight wild animals or put any fighting skills on display. It’s all about exploration, self-preservation, and getting to know your surroundings. While this may sound a bit boring, we can’t help but feel deeply intrigued by this simple premise and the game’s pleasant atmosphere.

As a result, this type of title can attract a broad audience ranging from literature lovers to casual players to nature enthusiasts. You might otherwise check it out if you’re simply looking to try something new. It’s the kind of game to enjoy after a hard day at the office, allowing you to escape from reality and reflect without pulling a brain muscle.

Walden, a game will be available on PlayStation 4 this May.

[Via: Gematsu]