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Capcom Announces Real-Life Monster Hunting Contest

It might be pretty easy to surmise due to its name, but the Monster Hunter series, as its name suggests, is all about hunting monsters. To mark the launch of the latest entry into the series – Monster Hunter: World – Capcom has offered real-life monster hunters a whopping £50,000 reward to find any comprehensive evidence for the existence of some of the worlds most famous beasts.

According to a recent announcement by the company, Capcom has enlisted real-life monster hunter and Cryptozoologist Jon Downes to help select the top 10 monsters (including Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster) and analyst any evidence as it comes in. Budding hunters have until June 30, 2018 to submit any evidence and enter to win. For the list of monsters that Capcom is looking for evidence on, check out below:

  1. Bigfoot
  2. Scottish lake monster (Loch Ness Monster)
  3. Mongolian Death Worm
  4. Mermaid
  5. Earth Hound
  6. Yeti/Almasty
  7. Chupacabras
  8. The flying snake of Namibia
  9. Yowie
  10. Cornish Owlman

In case you missed it, make sure to check out our Monster Hunter: World review. Here’s what Tyler had to say about the game:

Those multiplayer quirks are overcome quickly, though, and I enjoyed my time the most when I was playing with friends. It should be noted that the monsters get considerably more difficult in multiplayer, but it really makes the hunts feel like a team effort when completing them. It all results in a really satisfying gameplay loop of gaining different types of armor, collecting specific drops, and learning your weapons. There’s always something more to do in Monster Hunter: World.

This is the modernization that Monster Hunter definitely needed. Not only is it the most dynamic title in the series to date, it’s just a fantastic action role-playing game. Even if you’ve bounced off the series in the past, I highly recommend giving Monster Hunter: World a try. It’s where the series finally truly clicked for me, and that is very much by design. Capcom has updated their formula for a new generation, and it’s a real treat for all.

Monster Hunter: World is available now.