Destiny 2 Xur Location and Inventory Guide for February 2 – February 5, 2018

It’s Friday, which means that it’s time for our Destiny 2 Xur location and inventory guide. Unlike Destiny 1, where Xur was always present in a social space, the mysterious vendor can now be found out in the exploration zones. His currency is Legendary Shards, which can be obtained by breaking down legendary and exotic gear. Xur now stays from reset Friday morning until the weekly reset on Tuesday, so no more worrying about getting to him within a 48 hour window.

This week, Xur is on Nessus. Fast travel to Watcher’s Grave and head straight forward to find Xur in one of the trees just off to the right. You can mark his location on your map. This week, Xur is selling The Prospector grenade launcher for 29 shards. The Lucky Raspberry Hunter chest is available for 23 shards. You can get the An Insurmountable Skullfort Titan helmet for 23 shards. And finally, the Ophidian Aspect Warlock gloves for 23 shards.

Note that any exotics from Curse of Osiris will require the expansion in order to purchase them. 

Xur also sells a Fated Exotic Engram for 97 shards, and a Three of Coins consumable for 31 shards.

The Prospector Grenade Launcher allows you to hold down the trigger to fire multiple grenades in full auto, and then release the trigger to detonate them all. While this can be fun and interesting for trash mobs, the lack of precision, and not having a separate button to detonate really makes this weapon tough to figure out exactly when to use. Grenade launchers are still considered to be the worst weapon type in Destiny 2, so unless you’re completing your exotic collection, there’s not much reason to grab this.

Lucky Raspberry allows Hunters to chain together Arc Bolt Grenades more, and has a chance of recharging your grenade each time it deals damage. Grenades aren’t a very deadly option in Destiny 2 (unless it’s a pulse grenade), so this seems like a wasted exotic slot. There are many other better Hunter exotics that provide more usable perks. There are situations where this one may come in handy, but most times it will just be a collection piece.

An Insurmountable Skullfort is a great helmet for the punchiest of Titans. Arc melee kills will trigger health regeneration and restore melee energy, making it easy to get into the fray close to enemies. Keep this helmet in mind depending on what the Nightfall modifiers are, as any that recharge abilities faster will benefit from it.

Ophidian Aspect is easily the best of the bunch this week, and probably one of the best exotic items in the game right now. Their perk allows Warlocks to ready and reload their weapons faster, which is amazing for speeding up the cadence of the gameplay. it also extends the melee range for Warlocks, who can have some quite powerful and far reaching melee skills. While it may not do anything crazy, it is the most utilitarian exotic to have and a must-get for any Warlocks.

The Fated Engram is limited to one per account per week, and guarantees an exotic item that you haven’t yet gotten. The Three of Coins consumable will increase the chance for exotic engram drops from all sources for four hours. A single consumable costs 31 shards.

It’s an exciting time for Destiny 2 as Bungie grows increasingly transparent and the game grows more into what players want it to be. This week marked the first of monthly updates that will bring big improvements to the game, and Bungie released a development calendar outlining what those improvements would be. We know that a future sandbox update will make the game move faster in all aspects, and that Expansion 2 is releasing in May. We’ve got a series of Destiny 2 guides, including an endgame guide for after the campaign, a step-by-step Raid guide, and a guide on how to trigger all heroic public events.

Which items are you picking up from Xur this week?