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Watch How Dengeki Runs Through Dynasty Warriors 9’s Open World Map

One of the major Japanese game media outlets Dengeki has uploaded an interesting video showing how vast Dynasty Warriors 9‘s open world map of China is by using the character Cao Cao to run and swim all the way from the cold northeasternmost region of Xiangping to the southwestern corner in the hot jungle of Nanzhong region.

In this video, we see that it is also possible to swim through the Bohai Sea, which takes about 20 minutes if there is no fast-forwarding. As the player ignores wild animals and bandits that assault him in forests, we get to pass by a number of landmarks in this China map, such as the Baima castle and Guandu fortress where the major Battle of Guandu took place, the Wan Castle where Cao Cao was ambushed by Zhang Xiu and Jia Xu, the Xinye city where Cao Cao began his campaign to pursue Liu Bei, the Longzhong village where Zhuge Liang lived in before getting recruited by Liu Bei, and the Baidi castle which was Liu Bei’s final resting place after retreating from the battle of Yiling.

As it becomes very dark in the nighttime, the player also takes the opportunity to take a rest and gaze at the night sky until sunrise. We also get to notice that the developers have put a rather accurate star map that lets us see constellations like Orion, as well as the Winter Triangle formed by the stars Betelgeuse, Sirius, and Procyon. In the end, it takes about 100 minutes for the player to go between the map corners by running and swimming, without even riding a horse.

Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors 9 will be finally released this week in Japan and East Asia on February 8. The Western release will follow shortly five days later on February 13.

[Source: Dengeki]