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Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition Rated in South Korea

The South Korean gaming rating board has unveiled that a Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition is on the way. Sadly, details are currently extremely scarce except for the fact that it was rated for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Other than that, all we really know about the product is its name. There’s no word yet on if it’ll come bundled with virtual currency, or if it’s even coming to other regions of the world. Either way, it’s something to keep in mind in the coming months.

Check out the Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition rating below:

grand theft auto v premium edition

For even more on Rockstar’s best-selling title,  check out our Grand Theft Auto V review. Here’s a snippet of what we had to say:

When news first broke that GTAV was going to include a first-person mode, many people jumped up for joy, and while shooter fans will find some new content to pique their interests, it isn’t going to replace any of the major FPS titles out there any time soon. Simply by tapping the touchpad, you are able to cycle through the various views until you get to a first-person view, which completely changes the feeling of the game. Using a number of new animations, players are able to take aim, run, jump and climb all from the eyes of your character. For the most part this works well, but since the scale of GTAV is so massive, the more narrow view that first-person gives does make it feel like you are playing with a handicap.

Instead of wide angle from third-person that we are used to and being able to see your own character in the world, first-person mode cuts visibility significantly and makes interacting with parts of the environment more difficult. After some adjustment it is possible to get fairly good at playing with the new view, but it doesn’t feel like it is ever going to be beneficial to play that way. Thankfully, even though it may have a steep learning curve, GTAV does give players multiple targeting options, as well as the ability to pre-set controls for the different views. So being able to set up your first-person view with a standard FPS control scheme and a free aim mode, can give FPS fans can get a decent amount of mileage out of the experience with some tweaking.

Grand Theft Auto V is available now.

[Source: Korea GRB via All Games Delta]