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Super Seducer No Longer Releasing on PlayStation 4

It looks like PlayStation 4 owners won’t learn how to converse with women after all. In what can only be compared to Icarus’ fall from grace, the FMV pick-up artist game Super Seducer is no longer releasing on Sony’s console. PlayStation confirmed the news to Motherboard that the game would not be sold on their storefront. However, the game did launch on PC as planned.

For more on the canceled PS4 title, check out our Super Seducer interview. Here’s a snippet of my conversation with creator Richard La Ruina:

You talked about how challenging development was. What did surprise you about doing this project?

Yeah, well we were doing two things really. One was making the scenes which was like filming anything and then the other part was the coding and turning it into a game. So with the filming it was very hard because we couldn’t just film everything in sequence, we have to do one option, then it forks, and then go back and do [other options]. There are some bits that we messed up. So it’s like I’m talking to her and I’m saying, “OK, so I’ve got your number, I’ll call you,” and then we’re like, no, we didn’t present the film where I get the number to go with that. But, you know, it was hard to keep track of everything. That was the big challenge to get the script [right] with the whole filming process.

And then when that was done, we had a massive editing process. I stupidly decided to do I think six languages. [So,] we have a massive translation and subtitling job. The game also went through quite a few iterations. Originally we had a countdown timer. We had power ups because I wanted it to look like a traditional game and then we did a lot of play testing and we thought it was just annoying because it’s like I don’t have time to read it because the countdowns. They came down and just pile up, it doesn’t make any sense, and then we have the tutorial but it still didn’t make sense either. There was a lot of learning in the process and I think that if the game does well enough, I’d be in a good position to do a sequel to it that is bigger and better in every way from what I’ve learned from this.

Super Seducer is now available on PC.

[Source: Motherboard]