Sony Confirms Days Gone Has Been Delayed Into 2019

Bend Studio has been working on Days Gone for a little while now, but information has been relatively scarce. Often we’ll get a surge of new details around each E3, and then radio silence from the team for the rest of the year. The official Days Gone page on the PlayStation website now lists 2019 as the release date, and Sony confirmed that change to US Gamer. “Days Gone will now be releasing in 2019 and we will keep you updated on the launch date,” a spokesperson told them.

It seems like this delay may have been in the cards for a while. If Sony had anticipated a 2018 release, Days Gone would have made a showing at PSX 2017 (beyond the “zombie experience” setup they had in one corner of the hall), though Shuhei Yoshida did confirm a 2018 release window at that event. Opinions of the post-apocalyptic zombie title have varied as new elements of the game are shown. Most recently, at E3 2017, we had the opportunity to see how dynamic systems might play into the game’s open sandbox. It managed to change my opinion from the flat and emotionless showing we got at E3 2016.

Finally having the opportunity to see the depth of systems at play in Days Gone went a long way in changing my outlook towards the title. If they can maintain the course and create a vast and changing world that presents different problems and solutions at different times for everyone that plays it, then Days Gone could end up as one of the most engaging open world apocalyptic survival games we’ve ever played.

Are you disappointed by Sony confirmed Days Gone delayed into 2019, or are you happy to push yet another massive game out of a year that’s shaping up to be one of the biggest yet for gaming?