PlayStation 5 Specs and details leaked

Report: PlayStation 5 Details Allegedly Leak Out Locked Behind $1000 Subscription Site

We’re providing a hefty helping of table salt along with this one, because taking this news with a grain of salt is simply not enough. PlayStation 5 specs and details have allegedly been posted by a site called SemiAccurate. Aside from the irony of the site name not slipping by us, the full article is locked behind a $1000 per year subscription to the site, and without the ability to fork over such a large sum, we’re left with others summing up the details for us.

What gives this leak a little bit of traction is SemiAccurate’s previously accurate early reporting on who got info right about Nintendo partnering with Nvidia for the Switch and correct PS4 specs back in 2012. They also correctly reported on the mid-gen upgrades before Sony and Microsoft announced the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X respectively. With accurate early leaks of console hardware details in their portfolio, it’s worth paying attention to what the site has to say about the PlayStation 5. While we have yet to see the article ourselves, and anyone else reposting it word-for-word is not allowed, one ResetEra member was able to give a brief summary of the locked article’s contents.

-Uses AMD’s Navi as its base architecture, not specifically using Navi

-CPU is custom Zen

-Large amount of devkits have apparently gone out.

-Author suggests 2018 release of PS5 is not out of the question based on the amount of devkits released as this is a “sure sign that the launch is getting close.” Not definitive.

-VR “goodies” baked in at the silicon level.

Though SemiAccurate states that a 2018 release is possible, looking at history shows us that it isn’t probably. The PS4 was revealed in February of 2013 and then released 10 months later in November of that same year. Unless Sony significantly shortens the time between reveal and release, I don’t expect that we’ll see the PS5 before the year is out.

Sony also has a number of major PS4 exclusives in the books for this year and next, and the last thing they would want to do is overshadow those releases with an impending next-generation console (unless that announcement comes with the caveat of PS5 backwards compatibility. See below for more on that point). The PS4 Pro is less than two years old right now. If a large amount of devkits have actually gone out to developers, I would bet on Sony giving devs plenty of time to shore up for an impressive launch lineup, rather than indicating that the PlayStation 5 will release this year. Most analysts are estimating a 2020 launch window for the console.

The article is backed by known industry insider Marcus Sellers tweeting that PS5 dev kits went out to third-party developers earlier this year.

VR “goodies” being baked right into the platform show promise for the future of Sony’s headset. Clearly they are anticipating support for virtual reality to continue, and building the PS5 architecture with PSVR in mind will allow for a much better console virtual reality experience.

One notable point is the absence of any mention of backwards compatibility. The Navi and Zen architecture would certainly allow for enough power and flexibility for Sony to make the PlayStation 5 backwards compatible, but the article apparently doesn’t call out the feature specifically. With gamers’ libraries becoming increasingly digital, allowing the PS5 architecture to download and run purchased PS4 titles only makes sense. PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility means that the console would immediately have the entire PS4 library available as a “launch lineup,” giving it quite the edge at release.

Do you think these PlayStation 5 specs and details hold any water? When do you want to see the PS5 release?

[Source: ResetEra]