soviet dream machines

The World of Tanks Soviet Dream Machines Event Has Finally Begun

This month may have been the month World of Tanks aficionados have been waiting for. Wargaming has announced the start of the Soviet Dream Machines event. This month-long event will last from the 1st until the 28th of May.

Soviet Dream Machines presents the return of the Motherland, one of the most coveted tanks in the game, as one of its prizes. There are also new other tanks that will be joining the fraythe T-29, KV-220-2, and T-50-2. Additional Premium Hero vehicles will also be released throughout the month to help players earn more bonus points.

Throughout the event, players will earn and accumulate points to redeem their yearned rewards. Players earn their points when they place in one of the top five spots in their team during multiplayer battles.

This event will also be the grand reveal for the new map, Nomonhanbased in a true to life war account between the Japanese forces and Soviet tank commander Zhukov.

The event is open to all World of Tanks players on PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. For more information about the event, check it out here. Happy gaming!