Developer Quantic Dream and Sony Releases Detroit: Become Human’s Launch Trailer

For quite some time now, news of Detroit: Become Human’s popularity, even on pre-launch status, has been piling on one after the other. Players who are eagerly waiting for the game have very high expectations on how it will fare amidst the god-tier AAA titles that came before it. One game from Sony (Detroit’s publishing company) is even dad-tier, which is quite hard to beat!

Yet, the launch trailer is still maintaining the hype it built up over the weeks. The trailer focused on the three main characters of Detroit: Become Human, albeit, just as an introduction of who they are.

If you haven’t read any of our articles about the game, here’s a brief description of who these three are, and what you could expect from their individual back stories, via their official page over at


Played by Bryan Dechart (True Blood; The Remaining)

Become a bleeding-edge prototype android, investigating crime scenes and disturbances across Detroit’s humming metropolis.

As special police investigator Connor, your mission is to assist the Detroit Police Department in tracking down deviants – androids that have broken their programming, abandoned their owners or turned to crime.

Will you remain cool, calculating and ruthlessly analytical in your job? Or will you begin to feel empathy for the plight of your fellow androids and question the legitimacy of your mission?     


Played by Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy; The Cabin in the Woods)

Your chance to spark the fire that could lead to an android insurrection lies through Markus, another ‘deviant’ who has broken free of his programming.

After escaping his master and joining a growing underground faction of dissidents, Markus takes charge in the organised liberation of Detroit’s android population – but in sending a strong message to humans, will you take him on the path of pacifist disruption… or defiant violence?


Played by Valorie Curry (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2; Blair Witch)

See the impoverished and run-down side of Detroit through the eyes of a newly-manufactured android that has broken her programming.

Classed as a deviant and on the run with an innocent girl she’s sworn to protect, Kara is thrown into a brutal world where you must guide her to either accept the inequalities around her… or strive to do something about them in an effort to keep her surrogate child safe.

Watch the trailer, and see for yourselves, as we all wait for Detroit: Become Human for the PlayStation 4, to be released in two days!