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Setlist for PlayStation in Concert World Premiere Revealed

PlayStation has had its fair share of killer tracks over the years, hasn’t it? From Uncharted’s swelling score to the airy, ethereal melodies of Journey, there’s something for everyone. Which is why the PlayStation in Concert event was tailor-made for pretty much every fan, young and old. Don’t believe me? Check out the tunes from the unique event’s world premiere.

PlayStation in Concert, which emanated from the world-famous Royal Albert Hall in London, managed to put on quite a show, with every PlayStation console generation being covered. Here’s the PS1 setlist in full to kick things off:

  • Crash Bandicoot Medley
  • Warhawk Theme
  • Resident Evil Medley
  • MediEvil End Titles
  • Theme of Arc The Lad

While that ranged from the niche to the instantly iconic, PlayStation 2 and PSP’s set of toe-tappers, conducted by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra may have bettered even that quintet.

  • ICO Castle in the Mist & You Were There
  • Dark Cloud Main Theme
  • The World of flOw
  • LittleBigPlanet The Gardens
  • Prime #7 from Echochrome
  • Moss: Quite as a Mouse… With a Sword

After the interval, if you managed to catch your breath, you were treated to some of the best and most recognizable songs in video games. Not too shabby for a night out.

  • Killzone 2: Birth of War
  • Wonderbook: Book of Spells Theme
  • Journey: Apotheosis
  • The Last of Us Theme
  • Bloodborne: The First Hunter
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn: Years of Training and Aloy’s Theme
  • Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture: The Light We Cast
  • The Order 1886: The Knight’s Theme
  • Blood and Truth: Ryan Marks
  • God of War Main Theme
  • The Last Guardian: Overture: Lore

[Source: Reddit]