project 1v1

Gearbox’s Project 1v1 Playable Behind Closed Doors at E3

The scuttlebutt situation for Gearbox at E3 2018 has been a wild ride, from Korean Borderlands: Game of the Year ratings making the news to Randy Pitchford himself saying to forget about Borderlands 3. But thanks to releases/invites sent out to press, we now know Gearbox’s mysterious new shooter, with the working title Project 1v1, will be at the show, and playable. Sort of.

This is one of those games that, while previously announced, has been kept as under wraps as possible, even through some closed technical testing that took place last August. That’s still the case at E3 2018, as while Project 1v1 will be playable, nobody will see it outside of press attending “behind closed doors” meetings during the event.

No footage will be available, even after press gets their hands on the game. That said, there will be screenshots provided by Gearbox and written previews aplenty after the show.

It makes sense that Gearbox is keeping this one close to the chest, as the company’s history with previews is a bit tainted thanks to the Aliens: Colonial Marines saga, and the company’s last game, Battleborn, didn’t land as well as hoped. Another competitive-style shooter is risky, even with the unique 1v1 and card-based elevator pitch.

[Source: VG 24/7]