Blizzard Continues to Tease the Possibility of a New Hero to Overwatch

Last week, Blizzard began teasing players with the addition of…something, to the world of Overwatch. Fans around the world are still unsure whether or not it’s a hero, map, or maybe even a new animated short, but late last night, the company took to Twitter once again tease the inclusion of something.

In a new video clip (above) shared online, we’re once again transported to the same empty street as the last tease. This time, however, what looks to be a boulder rolls through the scene near the end. Pretty innocuous, until players began slowing down the video and noticed that the “boulder” rolling through the scene looks to be armored, and feature various lights on it. Whether or not the rolling object is a new hero, or perhaps some sort of new ability that a hero is getting has remained to be seen.

At the moment, fans seem to be fixated on the fact that this is indeed a new hero, named Hammond, who is another animal that was experimented on alongside Winston. There are various mentions of him littered across Overwatch maps, and perhaps Blizzard is teasing that he’ll be rolling into the game soon. Should he join the roster, he would be the 28th character to be introduced to the game, after the recently included Brigitte. While we wait for more information, let us know what you think Blizzard could be teasing below.