Fortnite Season 5 Gets Teased With Burgers and Llamas IRL

Fortnite has always been great at teasing upcoming changes/updates to their game. From cracks in the sky to meteors slowly moving through the air, Epic Games knows how to pique gamers’ curiosity. But best of all, they know how to have fun while doing so. Now they’re taking that lighthearted mystery into real life by placing Fortnite related items throughout Europe, creating a sort of ARG/scavenger hunt for fans.

We first got word of these mysterious Fortnite drops when the mascot of the in-game fast food chain appeared in the desert:

Since then, Fortnite reddit has been full of fan sightings, from a llama in a London phone booth, to one on a balcony in Barcelona, Spain, to another spotted in Cologne, Germany. It’s an interesting approach, especially when compared to the fan-made Overwatch ARG which requires players to engage on an extremely deep level with the game’s tiniest details. Since this “game” is clearly Epic Games’ doing, the speculation feels a lot more worth-while. We can assume these items will lead to something big in the game, especially with Season 5 so close. The whole thing reminds me of Prey’s “Not a Mimic,” real life promotional campaign. So even if this turns out to be just about building up hype, I’m still looking forward to more Fortnite objects cropping up.

[Source: DualShockers]