Detroit: Become Human New Update Addresses Annoying Bug

Don’t you hate when you can’t get 100% completion in a game because of bugs and/or glitches? We all do, and Quantic Dream is very aware of the frustration some players experienced when they couldn’t get 100% completion in Detroit: Become Human. Thankfully, Quantic Dream has released a new, tiny update (it’s under 200MB) for the game which is supposed to iron out a couple of odd bugs in the game’s flowchart. As stated by Gearnuke, “Some events listed in the flowchart with nodes were not accessible through any in-game means and this basically made the 100% completion percent a glitch for anyone who was attempting it.”

This new update, version 1.06, removes the buggy nodes in the game’s flowchart, meaning players can finally get all the trophies for the game. The official patch notes simply mention bug fixes and improvements, but a Reddit user explained the removal of the following nodes:

For Fugitives, there was a node that was left locked. In the supermarket, when you threaten the cashier, and he pulls his gun out on you, there was supposedly a third option, but only two were ever shown. The node has been removed from the flowchart.

For On the Run, there was a node just outside of the grouping where Connor Investigates the Squat. No one ever found what node it was, and it was deemed a glitch. That node has also been removed from the flowchart.

For Battle for Detroit – Kara – Leaving Detroit, there was one node in the grouping “Avoid Temperature Check”, which was never found, and was deemed a glitch. That node has been removed from the flowchart as well.

This new patch should make Detroit: Become Human‘s trophies a little less complicated to acquire.

In our review of the game, we gave it an 8.5/10, saying, “Detroit: Become Human is one of those games that straddles the border between entertainment and reality. The themes it covers are very real, and it allows us to get a unique perspective on societal problems we may have never given much thought to before. Detroit was never an easy game to play. Many of the choices were hard ones to make, and there’s no real right answer. It’s a game that cautions us not to repeat mistakes of the past. Even as human as we are, we are always becoming human, and no matter which path you take, Detroit is our story.”

Detroit: Become Human is available now for PlayStation 4.

[Source: Gearnuke]