Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars Trophy Guide

Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s Trophy Guide for Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars! This is the second pack of downloadable content to hit Far Cry 5, and it comes with seven new Trophies to unlock. Overall, this list is not very difficult, but aside from the story-related Trophies, everything else is missable. There are no difficulty requirements, so everything can be done on Easy if you like.

IMPORTANT: There is no free roam after you complete the story. You’ll need to complete everything before finishing the story. The game will make it very clear before you proceed past the point of no return. Ignore the main objectives until you’ve unlocked all of the Trophies. You will be required to complete a few story missions before being able to explore the entire map.

Welcome to Mars – Bronze

Reboot the Terminal on top of the Control Center Antenna.

  • This Trophy is story-related and will unlock after activating the first Antenna.

Bug Squasher – Bronze

Perform 10 takedowns on Arachnids using the Power Glove.

  • The Power Glove is found at the Solar System Observatory on the upper right side of the map. When you arrive at the Observatory, your weapons will be taken away and you will need to go inside. Once inside, you’ll find the Power Glove. To perform the takedowns, all you need to do is jump into the air and hover above an enemy. Then, press R3 when the takedown prompt appears and you’ll kill the enemy. The location is shown below.

Mars Second Amendment – Bronze

Buy 12 weapons.

  • As the description states, there are 12 weapons to buy. Weapons are bought from the 3D printers located at every Antenna. Before you can purchase a weapon, you must first acquire the blueprints for them. The blueprints are earned by activating all 19 of the Antennae and completing all five of the Geothermal Anomalies. Killing all 15 Queens, activating all of the Antennae, searching glowing green barrels, looting dead enemies and doing some Clutch Nixon wing-suit challenges will earn you money to buy all 12 weapons. You can also sell Energy Cores after you’ve unlocked all 19 Antennae for $1,000 per Core.

Slimy Death – Bronze

Hit 10 Arachnids with Crabmones.

  • Crabmones are alien eggs that you can throw at enemies. They can be bought from the 3D printer or found out in nests across Mars. In nests, they are green watermelon looking eggs. To pick them up, you just need to be close enough to touch them and you’ll automatically grab them. Once an enemy is hit, they will be attacked by other enemies. They do not have to die to be registered for the Trophy, all you need to do is hit them.

Nick’s Story – Bronze

Complete the game (Host only).

  • This Trophy is story related and will unlock after completing the final story mission. This can be done on any difficulty. Be sure to have unlocked all previous Trophies before beginning the “Save the World” mission! If you’re playing co-op, only the host of the match will earn the Trophy.

The Queen is Dead! – Silver

Kill all the Queens (Host only).

  • There are 15 different Queens to be killed across Mars. They are marked on your map as red and white diamonds labeled “Energy Core.” Go to each location and kill the Queens. Killing the Queens will drop Energy Cores which are needed to activate the Antennae. The Antennae are needed to reveal more of the map including locations of more Queens. Some locations will have multiple Queens, so be ready for a fight. If you’re playing co-op, only the host of the match will earn the Trophy.

Martian Journal – Gold

Collect all of Larry’s notes (Host only).

  • There are 28 notes from Larry hidden on Mars. Unfortunately, they are not marked on your map. They will show up on your screen as a small orange diamond icon when you are near them. If you’re playing co-op, only the host of the match will earn the Trophy.

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