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Amazon UK Ends £2 Prime Discount on Video Game Preorders

Gamers have loved that Amazon Prime discount which, all other factors aside, currently offers the best deal around. It was only second to the now dead Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked (GCU) which gave you 20% off of games with its $29.99 membership for two years. Amazon Prime is one of the few gaming discount havens left but for folks in the UK that has now come to an end.

It’s disappointing but ultimately unsurprising. Amazon Prime has been cutting back on their video game deal for some time now. Originally the deal was as sweet as Best Buy GCU: 20% off of new releases, period. Then it became only for preorders. Then Amazon removed re-releases and remasters from preorder discount eligibility. And now their £2  discount on video game preorders in the UK leaving gamers with nothing but Twitch Prime benefits. Their statement:

We would now like to inform you that we will no longer offer the Prime discount of £2 on physical video game preorders from 7 August, 2018. You can still use this Prime discount without restriction until this date and you will continue to receive all these Twitch Prime benefits:

– Discount codes for new video game releases

– Bonus games that are yours to keep every month

– Monthly subscription for your favourite Twitch streamer

– In-game loot including outfits, vehicles and items, plus surprises and exclusives for popular games

Okay, UK friends. You have until August 7th to get those preorders in. While today it is the UK, I believe it’s only a matter of time until the US gets cut as well. What do you think? And are you an avid Amazon Prime shopper when it comes to your video game needs? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Pushsquare]