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Beam Sonic Directly into Your Eyeballs – Sega Genesis Classics Updated with PSVR Support

While Sega Genesis Classics is still missing Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles for some reason, one thing the collection isn’t missing is VR support. The Steam version of the set was recently updated with support for various VR devices, and today, Sega has announced the PS4 version now supports PlayStation VR as well.

The update is totally free, and takes the whole conceit of the collection to the logical extreme. The whole UI is set up like you’re a kid hanging out in your 90s bedroom, complete with a CRT television, goofy posters and of course a shelf full of Sega Genesis games.

Now, instead of staring at your normal TV, with a smaller TV inside the frame (should you choose to not play in fullscreen mode, which you probably shouldn’t), it can be that much closer to a bizarre simulation of the real thing. It’s weird considering you can still get a hold of a genesis and CRT in real life, but also pretty wild you can experience a virtual version in VR.

Aside from the VR support, Sega Genesis Classics is home of several other neat features, including save states, a blessed rewind function, and even control customization. There’s also online multiplayer and achievements to keep things nice and contemporary.

[Source: Sega via Twitter]