Anthem’s Map Size Confirmed by BioWare Developer

Apart from a lengthy gameplay walkthrough, the preponderance of BioWare’s post-E3 Anthem hype has been relegated to developers sharing details on social media. This seemingly works wonders for them, allowing the team to get a clear message across to fans. And there is plenty to glean from these details, too. For instance, we’ve learned about AI teammates, or a lack thereof, information on the Javelin suits continues to trickle out, and enemy behavior sounds intriguing. One aspect of Anthem that fans may be curious about is map size, especially since this marks BioWare’s first foray into shared-world shooters. Technical Design Director Brenon Holmes recently teased people about what to expect on Reddit.

When responding to an inquiry on Anthem’s official subreddit, Holmes confirmed the size of the map. Redditor SwellyNelly posted the following screenshot to the subreddit:

anthem map size

In their post, the Redditor asked, “Is this actually the map size?” Holmes chimed in affirmatively and said, “Yep! There’s a bit missing at the top and bottom in this screen-grab though.” To get a better sense of the size, be sure to check out the aforementioned gameplay walkthrough from which this screenshot was taken.

From what’s been shown of Anthem, we can discern there is still plenty of the map left to see. Only a few areas have been explored in trailers. Interestingly, much of that space has been dedicated to underground, enemy-riddled territories and internal safe spaces for players. With the release date approaching in just under seven months, BioWare should soon begin offering more details at a quicker pace.

Anthem launches early next year on February 22, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Reddit via GameRant]