Anthem Single Player Won’t Include AI Teammates

Hoping to fight by the side of some (AI) friendly faces in Anthem? Your Javelin is going it alone by the sounds of the things as Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah confirmed on Twitter that the Anthem single player experience will be a solitary one.

While Anthem has leaned hard on its online multiplayer angle in recent times (despite the lack of PvP at launch), the lack of fully-fledged AI teammates may stick in the craw of some who were intent on having a single-player campaign as immersive as the ones experienced when playing with and alongside people from all over the world.

Knowing how BioWare, from Dragon Age to Mass Effect, has had a heavy squad-based mechanic to flank your own character in their extensive campaigns, it’s an interesting choice to say the least. Here’s hoping it’s not a case of simply squeezing a bit more juice out of the graphics at the expense of making the Anthem single player campaign soulless with nary an ally in sight. Maybe we just won’t notice it once the action kicks off and bullets are flying everywhere.

Happy with that? I’d love to see what you make of it in the comments below!