Rebellion Teases Possibility of Judge Dredd and 2000 AD Games

In 2000, Rebellion Developments, the publisher behind Sniper Elite, became home to 2000 AD—the comics label best known for Judge Dredd. Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death, a first-person shooter developed by Rebellion, launched in late 2003. Thus far, it’s been Rebellion’s sole foray into the franchise, apart from the mobile title, Judge Dredd vs. Zombies. During E3 2018, Rebellion founder, Jason Kingsley said news may be incoming that concerns Dredd’s return to gaming. Since then, all’s remained quiet. However, a recent interview stoked the fires of hope again.

When Kingsley talked to Express Online, he reiterated Rebellion’s stance on working with third-party developers.

One thing I said about a year ago is that I was opening up the intellectual property catalog to third-parties. But we’ve had a lot of people interested in working with us, and their visions for our intellectual properties, which is really exciting.

Kingsley added that these relationships may open the door for 2000 AD games, especially those of the Judge Dredd variety.

So hopefully, I would reckon towards the end of this year [2018]/beginning of next [2019], we’ll start to see the fruits of that and start to announce things that we’re working on and show people what’s going on. Fingers crossed we’ll get some more 2000 AD games soon.

When asked about Dredd directly, Kingsley noted, “Well Judge Dredd is obviously one of our major comic book characters, so I would be surprised if there wasn’t going to be some activity around Judge Dredd, but we’re not actually announcing anything.”

There is hope that fans of the street judge may once again take the fight to Mega-City One in a game world. Unfortunately, a confirmation could take longer than desired.

While the wait persists, more Rebellion-developed goodness is on the horizon. Strange Brigade, a third-person cooperative shooter set in 1930’s Egypt, hits the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 28, 2018.

[Source: Express Online]