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New Street Fighter V Costume Pays Homage to PS2 Game Haunting Ground

Capcom has announced that the next crossover content to grace Street Fighter V will be Cammy’s Haunting Ground costume, which sees her dressed up like protagonist Fiona Belli from the PlayStation 2 game.

Haunting Ground (known as Demento in Japan) is a survival-horror game that was billed as a spiritual successor to the Clock Tower series. It garnered a mixed reception upon release, with many publications criticizing its repetitive nature and use of genre clichés. Nevertheless, users enjoyed the game and were hopeful for a sequel.

In July 2012, ESRB rated Haunting Ground for the PS3, suggesting a re-release as a “PS2 Classic” but it never saw the light of day, unfortunately.

For now, don’t forget to partake in Street Fighter V‘s Extra Battle mode challenges to unlock the costume.

Have our readers played Haunting Ground? Let us know if you’d like a sequel.