Just Cause 4’s Landscape Shown Off in Interactive Map

Avalanche Studios insists that Just Cause 4 aims to push the envelope for open world games. While that remains to be seen, the sheer scope of the game is incredibly impressive. To show off the massive landscape players will explore as Rico Rodriquez, Avalanche launched an interactive map on the game’s official website.

The map in question is of Solís. According to a description on the website, the South American country of Solís houses “four distinct biomes,” all of which provide Just Cause 4 with the “most diverse and dangerous” territories that Avalanche has created to date.

When launching the website’s map, three points of interest appear. One is for an “Intercepted Rebel Radio Signal” that features a woman transmitting a distress call to Rico. In the distress call, the woman requests back up. Another point of interest, which sits in the middle of a large mass of land, links to Just Cause 4’s recent tornado reveal trailer. The final point shows off Nueva Voz, Solís’ capital city. Clicking on the interactive tag reveals an image of the city. A caption beneath the image informs that this metropolis is best known for business district and the city’s political influence.

Because there are so few points of interest listed on the interactive map, it is possible Avalanche Studios will add to it as Just Cause 4’s launch date draws near.

Fans of the franchise will embark on Rico’s new adventure in this new territory when Just Cause 4 arrives on December 4, 2018.

[Source via PC Gamer]