Twin Mirror Story detailes in dev diary

Twin Mirror Dev Diary Dives into Murder Mysteries and Emotions

The upcoming multiplatform thriller Twin Mirror offers quite a bit of mystery that we have yet to discover. Recently were offered additional tidbits that gave us a bit more context when it comes to the narrative of Dontnod’s psychological thriller. The info came along with the game’s recently revealed ESRB rating (which is  “M” for “Mature,” by the way). The creators of the game have unleashed the very first of what’s clearly going to be a series of developer diaries. With it, we go even deeper into the story of Twin Mirror.

The “M” rated game boasts a film noir style ambiance, which seems quite captivating, especially if you’re the kind of person who enjoys psychological thrillers set with that particular aesthetic and theme.

As we discovered during Gamescom last month, Twin Mirror‘s Sam goes back to his hometown, Basswood, West Virginia, to attend a friend’s funeral. He wakes up one day in his hotel room, noticing that his clothes are covered in blood. Pretty soon he gets entangled in a murder mystery.

Bear in mind that Twin Mirror is going to be an episodic adventure game. The devs also explained that the game is about the emotional connection between characters, which is clearly one of the defining characteristics of any decent modern-day adventure title.

Take a look at the dev diary below:

The first Twin Mirror episode, “Lost on Arrival,” is penciled for a release in early 2019. Be on the look out for more dev diaries in future.

The game holds promise and shows us the making of a fine adventure in episodic form. Tell us what you think of the Twin Mirror story in the comments below.

[Source: DONTNOD YouTube]