Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Last Wish Raid Goes Live September 14, Exciting Trailer Promises Great Challenge and Reward

Destiny Raids have always been delayed from their corresponding expansion’s launch day in order to give everyone a chance to level up and prepare for the race to be world’s first. As teams of six Guardians descend into the Raid’s challenges, eyes around the world watch various streams if they can’t participate themselves. Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Raid, called Last Wish, will be going live on September 14 at 10 am Pacific. To get players hyped for the launch of Forsaken’s pinnacle endgame activity, Bungie released a trailer giving small glimpses into the kinds of environments and enemies that we can expect to encounter.

“Assemble a team, Petra. Send them into the heart of the city. Kill that creature, and extract its heart. I’ve waited so long to fulfill one last wish,” the Awoken Queen Mara Sov’s words narrate the trailer. Those familiar with Destiny lore believe that we are entering the heart of the Dreaming City to kill an Ahamkara, an ancient race of wish dragons that haven’t been seen in many years. It’s a huge payoff for longtime Destiny fans who have wanted to see the great wish dragons in the game.

Previous speculation about the Forsaken Raid boss put the worm god Savathun at the center of the conflict. While she likely still plays a role, lore dripped throughout Forsaken says that the Ahamkara named Riven will be a much greater threat. Having once been the Queen’s ally, Riven was taken, twisted, and corrupted, with evidence pointing at Savathun as the one responsible. Whatever ends up happening, we’ll find out on Friday, September 14 when the Raid goes live and teams around the world race to be the first to complete it. When it is finished, further speculation points to in-game changes within the world that will begin to take place upon completion, including one interesting theory about a time-loop using a Taken Vex Mind.

After just one week with Forsaken, I was finally able to give my impressions on the expansion, which I’ve been really enjoying. Forsaken is everything that Destiny fans want Destiny to be, and is easily the best content and culture that Bungie has ever cultivated for the series. Some issues have cropped up, as is to be expected with such a massive update, and Bungie is working to correct them as quickly as possible with very open communication about the problems.

Don’t forget to visit Petra in the Dreaming City to pick up your Raid Banners before you hop into Last Wish. They will refill your Heavy weapons and Super energy before each encounter. Also remember to pick up your free copy of the Forsaken soundtrack once you’ve finished the campaign. Will you be playing the Last Wish Destiny 2: Forsaken Raid when it launches?