Telltale’s Poker Night 2 Has Been Delisted

Pour one out for Poker Night 2, folks. Telltale’s crossover poker sequel featuring characters from the likes of The Evil DeadVenture Brothers, and Borderlands (as you can see in the screenshot above) has gone to that big ol’ digital marketplace in the sky. While you can, of course, still download the game if you already own it, Poker Night 2 has been delisted from every platform it was available on, which was several.

Telltale itself issued a statement on the matter, confirming that Poker Night 2 is indeed gone, and possibly forever. In the support update, Telltale confirmed that Poker Night 2 is gone due to the company’s digital distribution agreement finally expiring. The statement also says that there are “no plans” to get that agreement removed. While “no plans” is never a statement that you should treat as the law of the land until the end of time, Poker Night‘s relative obscurity isn’t doing it any favors.

Released in 2013, Poker Night 2 was a surprise sequel to Poker Night at the Inventory, a game that was similarly full of crossover characters but never left PC. Notably, the first game, which is much less ambitious in terms of licensing, is still available for purchase.

[Source: Telltale Games]