Hitman 2’s ‘Tools of the Trade’ Video Teases Agent 47’s Arsenal

Warner Bros. and developer IO Interactive have released another entry in Hitman 2‘s “How to Hitman” video series. This time, focus is centered on “tools of the trade,” the conventional and unconventional weapons Agent 47 will employ during missions.

Check out Hitman 2’s latest “How to” video below:

Agent 47 has always been artful; his skill knows no bounds. The assassin’s prowess definitely receives its due in the above trailer. Because getting too close to a target is often ill-iladvised, 47’s maintaining a tactical distance couldn’t be any more essential. Hence the use of remote exploding cell phones, proximity tasers, and concussion grenades. In the event that he needs to get close without being detected, the video calls attention to gadgets such as remote audio devices for distracting enemies. Mirrors also serve as nifty tools, allowing 47 to stealthily survey the environment.

Of course, not every tool or weapon at his disposal receives the spotlight in this trailer. Typically, Agent 47 makes use of a range of firearms, too. Plus, we know the garrote is bound to be on his person at all times. These weapons and others will, perhaps, shine in future “How to Hitman” videos.

Hitman 2 recently went gold, but there’s still a lot to learn about the forthcoming sequel. Of the six locations that will feature at launch, IO Interactive has only revealed two—Miami and Colombia. Whether or not IO plans to announce the other four locales before launch remains to be seen.

Hitman 2 will come to the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on November 13, 2018.