Sega Releases Two New Story and Gameplay Trailers for Project Judge

Project Judge may have just been announced, but Sega is taking no time in building hype. The publisher has released two new trailers for the game, one focuses on story and the other places gameplay at center stage. Both are brief and seem to feature footage previously shown in other trailers.

Check out Project Judge’s new story trailer below:

Here is the latest look at gameplay:

Like many of those shown off previously, these two trailers are in Japanese and refer to the game’s Japanese title of Judge Eyes. This is likely due to the title’s forthcoming release in Japan and other Asian territories on December 13, 2018.

Since its pre-Tokyo Game Show 2018 reveal, Project Judge has yet to lose momentum. Not long after the announcement, Sega released footage of Project Judge’s opening movie. Soon thereafter, much meatier videos hit the web, showcasing story and gameplay in extended trailers. In total these extended looks showed 11 minutes of the Yakuza studio’s new project in action. The gameplay video, similar to the trailer above, offered glimpses at hacking, combat, lock picking, interrogation sequences, and more.

Currently, Project Judge doesn’t have a release date for territories in the West. However, it is scheduled to arrive on an unspecified date in 2019. If it’s anything like Sega’s beloved Yakuza franchise, it will not take long for a passionate audience to rally around all it has to offer.