PlayStation’s Ad Spend Led the Industry in September

VentureBeat, together with, crunches the numbers every month in terms of how much cash each major video games publisher spends on TV advertising. While Nintendo was the big spender in August, the summer’s more or less over now when it comes to family-oriented advertising. And with the release of giants like Spider-Man, Sony pretty much dumped its wallet out all over the table for September.

Again, Nintendo led the pack in the games industry in August, spending roughly $6.2 million, which was a slight increase from the previous month’s $5.8 million. PlayStation didn’t chart at all in July, then made an impact in August with $3.9 million and one ad, the Marvel’s Spider-Man gameplay launch trailer.

In September, Nintendo backed down a bit with school being back in session, dropping its TV ad spend to around $4.4 million. Meanwhile, Sony unloaded, spending roughly $24.2 million on 9 different commercials, chief among them being the Marvel’s Spider-ManBe Greater” commercial. That ad ate up around $9.2 million by itself, and all efforts combined resulted in 2,900 ad airings that saw 1.1 billion impressions.

With its ads, Sony targeted large markets such as sports, spending for time on ESPN, NBC, and Fox. Sony also advertised on South Park in addition to things like the NFL and college football.

[Source: VentureBeat]