Check Out the First Strange Brigade DLC Campaign Trailer

Calling all members of Strange Brigade! Thrice Dead, the newest add-on, is out now and includes the first post-launch campaign. This is the start of the three-part adventure that will take the Strange Brigade to the uncharted waters of the Mediterranean. There, they find? Well, more than they bargained for.

Check out the beginning of the Thrice Damned campaign, Isle of the Dead, here:

In Isle of the Dead, the Strange Brigade infiltrates an abandoned pirate settlement. Instead of treasure, undead baddies await the team. Of course, all of this is par for the course for the Strange Brigade.

The Isle of the Dead may be frightening, but the new Strange Brigade member joining the fight is also pretty scary in a good way. Tessie Caldwell, the American Aviatrix, is here. A fearsome pilot, she is fearsome. She appears to be a fine addition to the team.

In addition to the campaign and character expansions, Strange Brigade is also bringing some free content to those who don’t have the season pass. Three maps have been added to the game. The first two, The Towering Temple II and The Cursed Village II, are Score Attack maps. The other, Tunnels, is a Horde Mode map.

While our review of Strange Brigade wasn’t necessarily a positive one, the support Rebellion Developments has given it is admirable. Be sure to check out the roadmap for the rest of the Strange Brigade DLC to stay on top of everything!

[Source: Strange Brigade]