Get Your First Look at The Division Comic Book

We’ve finally been given our first look at the first issue of Dark Horse’s The Division comic book. This comic book arrives ahead of a 192-page hardcover art book, as well as a reported set of other comics and novels. The title of the 3 issue arc is Extremis Malis, written by Christofer Emgard. It is drawn by Fernando Baldo, and colored by Michael Atiyeh.

The cover can be viewed, below:

Get Your First Look at The Division Comic Book

The Division comic’s Extremis Malis arc puts us back in New York City, as opposed to The Division 2’s location in Washington D.C., and follows Division Agent Caleb Dunne. After Dunne’s partner is brutally murdered in a mission gone wrong, he vows to find the mysterious woman responsible. Throughout his journey, he’ll uncover a threat that could shatter a society already broken by a genetically engineered disease.

The Division comic’s first issue goes on sale January 9, 2019, but it can be preordered now through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and others.

Dark Horse is no stranger to transforming video games into comic books. The company’s The Witcher series has received plenty of praise, and it was recently announced that a separate series, titled Of Flesh and Flame, is in the works

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[Source: WWG Comic Book]