Dark Horse’s New God of War Comic Takes Place After the Events of God of War III

Fans curious about the post-God of War III events that led to Kratos’ God of War 2018 journey are in luck. Dark Horse is releasing a new comic series, God of War: Fallen God, whose first issue goes on sale this summer on June 24th. Chris Robertson, iZombie co-creator, will pen the upcoming series. Tony Parker, an Eisner-nominated artist who’s drawn Mass Effect comics, will illustrate Dark Horse’s Fallen God.

Check out the cover art for God of War: Fallen God #1 below, drawn by famed artist Dave Rapoza.

god of war comic

God of War: Fallen God is set after God of War III, which saw Kratos finally defeat Zeus and thwart the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena. Feeling certain of his newfound freedom, Kratos sails toward the desert in hopes of leaving his past demons behind. However, he soon realizes the rage nestled so deep within him, along with feelings of guilt, remain in close proximity. Thus, he wars with himself, battling an inner struggle that proves difficult to triumph over. Such conflict inevitably engenders an almost inescapable madness.

Both Robertson and Parker previously worked in the God of War universe. The duo served as the creative team behind Dark Horse’s prequel comics to the franchise’s PS4 entry in 2018. Released in November 2018, the prequel series takes place in the Norse wilderness. In the first issue, Kratos’ attempt to save a stranger from a bear attack inadvertently sparks conflict with an enigmatic cult. As is often the case, the character’s effort to do the right thing results in chaos.

[Source: Dark Horse Comics via Comic Book Resources]