New Information on Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode Arrives Very Soon

Since its official reveal during EA’s E3 2018 conference, minimum details concerning Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode, Firestorm, have surfaced. A video disclosing basic information about Firestorm went live several weeks ago. Soon thereafter, EA announced Burnout studio, Criterion Games, leads the charge on Firestorm’s development. Fans will soon receive more news to pour over, as DICE plans to discuss Firestorm more openly in the coming days.

In response to an exchange between Criterion’s Twitter account and a fan, Battlefield’s Global Community Manager Dan Mitre revealed the next batch of information will “inherently” dive into Firestorm. The exchange is featured in the tweets below:

Firestorm pits 16 squads of four against each other on the franchise’s most massive map to date. A ring, or a storm, of fire encircles the battlefield, continuously shrinking the map’s playing field. In true Battlefield fashion, vehicles and destructible environments are fair game in rounds of Firestorm.

Battlefield V comes to the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on November 20, 2018. Firestorm launches on an unspecified date after the game’s release.