Fortnite Re-enables Dynamite and Tweaks the Turret After Fan Complaints

Yesterday’s Fortnite content update introduced us to a new limited-time mode, Wild West and the Dynamite item. Unfortunately, the Dynamite blew up in Epic Games’ face when it caused crashes for players. As a result, the item was temporarily disabled, but now it’s back. That’s not all. The team also took this time to make changes to the recently introduced Mounted Turret.

The information arrived via Twitter.

Below are the adjustments made to the Mounted Turret, as posted on Reddit.

Mounted Turret Changes:

  • Headshot Multiplier

  • Reduced from 2.0x to 1.5x

  • Time To Overheat

  • Reduced from 10 seconds to 6 seconds

We’ll also be making additional changes in the upcoming v6.31 update. We are going to adjust the collision volume to make it easier to land shots against whoever is occupying the Mounted Turret as well as change the Turret’s floor to take structure damage instead of player damage.

It makes sense that the team would take the time to make these changes and roll out the adjustments as one update post, following fan feedback. While it should be taken with a grain of salt, most of the replies to the Fortnite account’s original tweet, announcing the temporary disabling of the Dynamite item, mentioned things like “disable the Turret while you’re at it.”

There are almost always problems when you introduce something new. Also, change is often divisive. Even something as seemingly small as an item or the ability to re-deploy your glider can be a game changer. Epic knows this and they take community feedback seriously. We’ll see how they continue to course correct in next week’s update.

[Source: Twitter and Reddit]