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Get Nostalgic With Our PlayStation Classic Unboxing

Announced earlier this year, the PlayStation Classic is nearly upon us, and we’re hitting you with a dose of nostalgia as we unbox miniature version of this classic console. Check out the video below to see us dig into the packaging of this fairly simple device, showing you everything that’s included in the box.

PlayStation Classic Unboxing by PlayStation LifeStyle

Nearly 24 years ago, a little gray box hit the scene and changed gaming forever. The original PlayStation eschewed cartridges for discs and made a leap to 3D gaming and polygonal models. It was an enormous leap forward for games and a period that is remembered fondly by avid PlayStation fans.

The PlayStation Classic is notably smaller than the original PlayStation console, but looks nearly identical otherwise. It comes with two original-style PlayStation controllers. Few remember when PlayStation controllers didn’t have analog sticks, but the PlayStation Classic console wants to take us all the way back to those early days.

Loaded up with 20 classic PlayStation 1 titles, the PlayStation Classic follows in the footsteps of Nintendo’s mini-consoles. Hype surrounding the 20 included games has been mixed, though the Japanese and US versions get a different set of 20 games. We weighed in ourselves about how we felt, and whether or not we were planning to buy one.

What do you think of our PlayStation Classic unboxing video? Are you going to be getting one of the miniature consoles yourself? The PlayStation Classic releases on December 4, 2018, which will mark 24 years to the day since the original PlayStation launched. If you want to get our hands-on thoughts of the PlayStation Classic, don’t miss our review, brought to you in a classic throwback by PSLS founder Anthony Severino.