Smash Hit Plunder pSVR

Ghost Grandma Guides Players Wrecking Things With Magic in PSVR’s Smash Hit Plunder This Year (Update)

Update: The Smash Hit Plunder release date for North American retailers has been moved to January 15, 2019.

Original: Who doesn’t love breaking stuff? The problem is that it can get expensive and messy. Fortunately, we’ve got virtual reality to meet our needs, particularly if it comes to breaking stuff and searching for hidden treasures in a castle haunted by a debt collector. Smash Hit Plunder is a PSVR game by Triangular Pixels and Perp Games, putting players in the shoes of a mage fresh out of magic school. The mage has been given the haunted Castle Carvasso, but his windfall is quickly harangued. There’s a ghost debt collector locking everything up. Guided by a ghostly grandma, our hero will need to break, smash, and wreck things around the castle in order to uncover hidden treasures and pay back the debts.

Smash Hit Plunder has a second screen mode, allowing another three players to use DualShock 4s and the TV screen to play along with or against the VR player. There’s also an online multiplayer where two VR players can adventure and destroy things through this haunted castle together. Multiple modes offer various ways to play, including a race against the clock, scavenger hunts for specific items, and free play that lets players take in the castle free from limits or requirements. Online leaderboards will also present reasons to play and replay, challenging other players for the highest scores.

Presenting players with expansive levels with tons to smash, hit, and plunder, Smash Hit Plunder will fill that need you may have for wanton violence against inanimate objects, castles haunted by friendly grandmas and debt collectors, and having magical powers in VR.

Smash Hit Plunder launches for the PSVR on December 14, 2018 for $29.99. It will support English, French, and Spanish languages, and is rated E10+, so it’s a safe game for the kids. In fact, the Minecraft-like visual style might make them feel right at home.