god eater 3 dual audio

A God Eater 3 Demo Is Finally Coming to North America in January

God Eater 3 is finally getting a North American demo, which will hit  thePlayStation 4 on January 11, 2019. The demo will only be playable for a few days, and it will expire on January 13, 2019.

Here’s the official tweet making this announcement:

Hardcore God Eater fans have very likely already played through this demo when it saw a limited release on the Japanese PlayStation Store. Before God Eater 3 launches on February 8, 2019, fans will likely be eager to get their hands on a few of the new weapons and start practicing. This is not only the first time that a God Eater game has been developed from the ground up for current-gen, HD platforms (trailer here), but it’s also the first time in the series that players have been able to dual-wield weapons.

We have a few new weapon types in God Eater 3, in fact. The new Biting-Edge God Arc can be used in a dual-wielding configuration as well as “mow-down” mode, which sacrifices stamina regeneration for enhanced attacks. The Raygun is a new long-range God Arc that fires a steady beam that becomes more powerful the longer it’s sustained.

The Heavy Moon is a weapon we’re excited to try in the demo. It functions almost like the Charge Blade in Monster Hunter, in that certain combos will cause the crescent blade to transform into an enormous axe. Typically, though, you’ll be wielding the Heavy Moon in its standard semi-ring form, attacking with slow, wide arcs. You can read a little more about some of the new gameplay changes here.

We’ll keep you updated with any new trailers or weapon showcases leading up to the launch of the God Eater 3 demo, so stay tuned!