Lucio Nendoroid

Overwatch’s Lúcio Gets a Cute New Nendoroid, and Preorders Are Live

Good Smile Company announced a new Nendoroid in the Overwatch series, Lúcio: Classic Skin Edition. This is the 12th figure in the series, and it includes several interesting features. As with most Nendroids, the figure has several points of articulation, which even includes movable hair, giving people the ability to display Lúcio in various positions.

Nendoroids are usually more expensive than traditional figurines, simply due to the amount of accessories included and the points of articulation. Plus that fancy packaging is hard to ignore.

Standing 100mm tall, he comes equipped with his Sonic Amplifier and Soundwave, allowing for you to recreate his iconic poses. Lúcio: Classic Skin Edition also includes both yellow and green skate blade parts, so you can display him speeding around, just like in the game.

You can use the transparent stand to display Lúcio in various ways, giving it a more high-end appearance that could be perfect for your collection. If you’re in the market for other Overwatch Nendoroids, like Soldier 76 or Junkrat, those are available, too.

Pre-orders for Lúcio are live on the Good Smile Company’s website and will be available until February 7, 2019. Lúcio will cost 4537 Yen (before tax), or around $41.00 USD. The official release date for the figure is in August of 2019, so you will have to wait quite a bit to get it in your hands.

[Source: Good Smile Company]