Rain World Is Getting a Very, Very Limited Physical Run

Limited Run Games is back, and it has another run of physical copies of an indie favorite. This time, it’s selling physical copies of Rain World for the PlayStation 4. However, as usual, units are very limited, so you better act fast! Rain World will be available in two different editions, and goes on sale on December 21, 2018.

You can buy a copy of Rain World by itself, or you can go for the Slugcat Bundle. Of course, it includes a physical copy of Rain World, but it also comes with a lot more than that! It comes with a (very adorable) Slugcat plush, a vinyl soundtrack (which will glow in the dark!), a digital soundtrack code, and an exclusive art print! Combined with the physical copy, this is a serious must-buy for all the Rain World superfans out there. The bundle goes for $79.99.

The release will come in two waves, which will be available at different points of the day. The first goes on sale at 10 am EST, while the second sale goes live at 6 pm EST. As usual, once they’re sold out, that’s it, so you best be at your computer screen before then. Be aware that the second batch will be smaller, though the exact number wasn’t given.

Limited Run Games is known to run out of stock very quickly. Previous runs, like the recent Jak and Daxter bundle, sold out in mere minutes. If you plan on getting this, you may want to clear some time out of your schedule right now.