Speed Makes Anthem’s Interceptor Javelin a Deadly Force on the Battlefield

Another gameplay deep dive has hit the web and showcases Anthem‘s Javelins. This time, IGN First took a look at the Interceptor Javelin, whose speed and agility make it perfect for players who prefer assassin-like classes. See how the Incerceptor Javelin’s speed turns it into a deadly force in the “Gameplay Profile” video.

One key takeaway is that the Interceptor makes for the perfect melee build. Thanks to its incredible speed, the Interceptor can dash into an enemy, deal considerable damage, and flee in a span of seconds. Such a tactic is best used on smaller foes. However, larger enemies can be weakened with status effects and slowed down in similar circumstances. Of course, this level of quickness comes at a cost to the character’s armor, which is minimal at best. At least the Interceptor receives protection from shields, whose recharge rate increases the faster it moves.

The Interceptor’s various abilities also provide it with plenty of power. For instance, cryo glaive launches a frost projectile that freezes and immobilizes enemies. Combining this ability with tempest strike, which serves as a detonator, deals a massive amount of combo damage.

For those interested in the Interceptor but not its more melee-focused attacks, there are abilities with distance in mind, too. Venom spray acts as one example. Even while in the air, the Interceptor can use this skill to inflict poisonous damage that affects targets over time. Searching glaive sees the Interceptor strike enemies with a projectile from afar. It’s target-seeking properties seems to suggest players will be forgiven if their accuracy isn’t up to snuff.

Players can begin determining which Javelin is their favorite once Anthem’s demos roll out. The VIP demo is scheduled to go live on January 25th. BioWare plans to launch a public demo on February 1st. Anthem as a full experience will hit store shelves for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on February 22, 2019.